US: customers returning to full size SUV purchases image

Since a long time ago, American buyers were always prone to buy big, hulking sport utility or pick-up truck vehicles. After the rising gasoline prices and the latest financial crisis they began to fade – but now they’re back in fashion.

While sales of full size pick-up trucks can be explained easily, at least in part, through the resurgence of the working sector – which prompts more people to buy them out of necessity, not fashion, the full size SUVs are a more complicated affair.

In April, some of them – like the GMC Yukon, Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Expedition – were among the top percentage gainers for automakers over the same period last year.

With the segment long talked as to finally go extinct, the buyers seem to love to contradict what experts seem to know. For sure, automakers rejoice the sales gains, as these models are among the most expensive and bring back huge profit margins.

The rebounding confidence in the US economy could be a factor, as well as the fact that such models are among the segments directly linked to consumer attitudes and financial stability – even more than the pick-up segment.

Next off, technology gains and recent updates have made buyers think such models are less prone to become dinosaurs in just a few years, while a steady gasoline price around the country has prompted the sideline of mileage fears.

Besides that, although Ford’s Expedition is not a good example – as it’s almost unchanged for some years now, the General Motors made Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon and Toyota Highlander are all brand new – and coming with perks never before seen in the segment.