US: Daimler receives approval to test autonomous truck in Nevada image

We’re being constantly assaulted by researches, studies, statistics about how much easier our life will become once autonomous driving becomes part of everyday life. While that argument is entirely true, one of the major beneficiaries of the technology will be freight transportation.

Just imagine how much faster all the freight currently on the road across the globe would reach its intended destination if there’s no driver involved,, so the heavy trucks can haul 24\7 as opposed to stopping every eight hours or so for the mandatory driver rest. That’s why truckmakers are also deeply involved in the development and research of the sector, with Daimler among the front runners. Recently, the US state of Nevada has approved the world’s largest truckmaker’s petition to have its driverless heavy truck prototype allowed for testing purposes on the open road in normal traffic for the first time ever. Daimler has been showing the self-driving test truck for months in Europe, though the company had to contend with closed sections of highways. The heavy truck manufacturer believes that having autonomous trucks will assist freight companies in saving money and also lift road safety.

According to Daimler board member Wolfgang Brnhard, before getting approved by the Nevada authorities to test drive the driverless truck prototype under normal road conditions it had already clocked more than 10,000 miles of testing. “We think we are making an important first step in the right direction,” Bernhard said. “You need to have dreams.” Daimler, through its Mercedes-Benz luxury brand is also pushing for autonomous vehicles among passenger cars, and claims the same overall potential for cost saving and safety could be achieved within the commercial transportation sector.

Via Reuters