U.S. dealers refusing to take Chevrolet Volts image

The Chevrolet Volt won’t hit all the U.S. dealerships as the dealers are refusing to take the models after they were investigated by the NHTSA.

According to the guys at automotivenews.com, the United States dealers are currently refusing to take Chevrolet Volts and this decision has been taken by most of them because of the NHTSA investigation. Our source is also telling us that only in the New York area, from the 104 units allocated, dealers had only accepted 31 vehicles and this has also been reflected into the car’s sales figures. The General Motors spokesman, Rob Peterson, recently said that dealers are waiting for “things to settle down”.

“There is a lot of misinformation that has swirled over the past months. Dealers are kind of waiting for things to settle down”, said the company’s spokesman.

The 2011 sales figures are saying that only 7.671 units of the Chevrolet Volt have been sold even if the target was 10.000 vehicles, but even so, Chevrolet is planning to manufacture 60.000 units of the model for 2012. Besides the Chevrolet Volt, the NHTSA investigation might also affect the reputation of other electric vehicles, as similar lithium-ion batteries used in the Volt are also installed on models such as the Tesla Roadster or even the Nissan Leaf.

  • joe usa

    we don't want them in our driveways …. Any qestions

  • Stu Cozza

    The dealers do not want to risk potential fires and even more financial losses… who can blame them?

  • Mark

    Chevy Volt is overpriced to buy, dangeours (flaming batteries, melting charge plugs&cables, etc.) and it has no resale value after the battery pack dies. Besides, there are Diesel-powered cars that get 50MPG and they are actually fun to drive and they look good.
    Electric car is a fancy way of saying coal or nuclear-powered car, because most of electricity in this country is still generated from coal and nukes – not solar.

  • Doug

    Yah, I think the U.S. should bite GM in the Ass!! The government should have let them fold, after their escapades with Saab (a real car!) Too bad this was after the fact!