US: December sales forecasted to remain strong image

With billions of dollars coming from automakers in the form of advertising, marketing and incentives all across the nation in December, consumers are enticed to release the shopping madness and go for the ultimate car purchase.

In early January the final number for the month are expected to crunch up to a positive note, as the auto industry finishes the year with a strong December – according to TrueCar, Inc. The negotiation-free car buying and selling platform predicts new car sales in December to increase year-over-year by as much as 11% for a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 16.6 million units – a pace that was not seen since before the economic recession. The positive factors are easily spotted: lower fuel prices, a good economic growth and the renewed consumer love for pickups, utility vehicles and luxury models.

According to True Car analysts, full year sales for 2014 are expected to rise 5.8% to a total of 16.5 million cars and trucks, up from 2013’s tally of 15.6 million. Not only the sales are growing healthy, but also so do the transaction prices and the revenue coming to the automakers. December is also expected to end on a higher sales note because last year’s month was affected by unusually severe winter storms in parts of the US.