US: Delphi narrowly misses Department of Justice switch probe image

General Motors is under numerous federal investigations, all of them stemming from the decade long delayed and deadly ignition switch recall. The auto parts producer that made the faulty ignition – Delphi – now claims it’s currently not being investigated.

The supplier is clarifying the facts over the current ongoing criminal investigation that targets GM for the 2.6 million cars recalled – mostly Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions – linked so far to at least 13 fatalities and 54 accidents.

A recent Reuters report cited sources that claimed the Justice Department investigation doesn’t focus on Delphi, a spokesperson for one of the holding companies that have invested in Delphi also claimed the company was not a “target” in the probe. Still, the DOJ rules can make the change instantly, if new facts emerge.

GM and Delphi were both subpoenaed for thousands of documents by the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, which conducts the investigation alongside the FBI and a federal grand jury. They are trying, just like numerous other federal probes, to find out what went wrong – as the defective part – built by Delphi – did not make GM specifications, but was subsequently used in the targeted recall and in millions of other cars (some of them called back in other campaigns).