US: Delphi plans coast-to-coast test drive of autonomous functions image

US automotive supplier Delphi has geared up to demonstrate the company’s current self-driving capabilities by embarking on a 5,633 km journey across the US.

The coast-to-coast drive that will put to the test numerous near-autonomous drive systems such as traffic jam assist, automated highway pilot with lane change, and automated parking and valet has been called the “longest automated drive ever attempted in North America,” a 3,500-mile journey that will have an Audi Q5 specifically focused on driving itself. Delphi is one of the world’s biggest auto suppliers of car electronics and safety systems, and wants the long excursion as a real-world chance to gather crucial data from a sophisticated base of cameras, radar and lidar — a laser mapping technology – while also employing already available connected-vehicle technology.

The company is also ready to trial and demo its array of active safety systems, deceloped with partners such as Mobileye, an Israeli maker of computer vision and collision avoidance systems or software provider Ottomatika, which has been developed from Carnegie Mellon University’s self-driving car unit. Delphi’s drive also comes after in January Audi itself showcased the progress in driverless car technology through a journey that took one of its vehicles from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas in time to participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show. These trials underscore the growing interest from carmakers, their suppliers and outsiders – such as technology giant Google – in self-driving cars, billed as the next step in the auto industry’s evolution process. Delphi’s journey starts on March 22 in San Francisco and should be complete in New York City just in time for the annual show there, scheduled to start on April 3.

Via Automotive News Europe