US: Detroit automotive museum plan gains traction image

Just ahead of the Woodward Dream Cruise to be held on Saturday, car lovers from around the country that swell for the gathering also mull the idea of a world-class auto museum.

Both private and public groups and organizations have started an extensive work into documenting the role and importance of the overall automotive industry and specific cars in recent American history.

“The Woodward Dream Cruise celebrates the heritage of Detroit and Michigan with incredible cars driving up and down Woodward, ” says a US official. “This is the place that gave birth to the auto industry throughout the world.”

“We’re trying to set an agenda for the celebration and preservation of our national automotive heritage, ” said Mark Gessler, president of the Historic Vehicle Association. “The role the automobile played in our heritage has been overlooked for decades. There needs to be a place or places for people to come and connect with that heritage. We’d like to see a place in Detroit or Washington, D.C.”

The HVA and the recently created Historic Vehicle Register also aim to personalize the US automotive history, by finding out and releasing the story behind many heritage cars, as opposed to simply presenting the list with the collection automobiles.