US: Detroit is the most expensive place to have your car insured image

The motoring capital of America has recently experienced the same headwinds that nearly kneeled back in 2009 General Motors and Chrysler – recently exiting bankruptcy.

But while this is great news for the city’s residents, the woes are not really over – among them being the fact that Detroiters pay the most for their car insurance. For example, the city’s 48227 zip code, locate don the west side, has people pay an average of $5,109 per year – which is 130 percent above the state’s average of $2,226, claims The result is though hardly a surprise, because the region has been known for years to be terrible when it comes to auto insurance prices. A recent study also noted there are wild differences even if they are small geographically – zip codes 48240 to 48227 have a difference of $2,365 (106%) and the places are actually less than five miles apart, with the latter in Detroit and the other in Redford Township.

The other top 10 most expensive cities are: Brooklyn, N.Y.: $3,877; Philadelphia: $2,760; Providence, R.I.: $2,749; New Orleans: $2,542; Los Angeles: $2,416; Woodbridge, Conn.: $2,291; Baltimore: $2,256; Miami, Fla.: $2,248 and Royalton, Ky.: $2,104. The least amount of money a driver has to pay on his/her insurance can be found in Green Springs, Ohio, with zip code 44836 – only $647 a year – lower than the average state of $771 by 16 percent. Other great places to insure your car are: Arden, N.C. ($671); Saco, Maine ($709) and Christiansburg, Va. ($751).