US: Diesel engine on every Audi till 2015 image

According to Audi’s U.S. chief, Johan de Nysschen, the german premium automaker will offer a diesel unit on every model till 2015.

“We will roll out the technology across the Audi line,” said Johan de Nysschen, president of Audi of America, in an interview with Autonews last week.

Despite their low popularity in the US, more and more analysts are predicting sales of the efficient vehicles to more than triple in coming years.

However the acquisition prices will remain high. By doing this, Audi is trying to reach the 2016 35.5 mpg Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) target set by the US federal government.

Today diesels usually deliver fuel economy one-third to one-fifth better than that of a gasoline engine of similar power.
At this time, Audi is offering the A3 hatchback and Q7 SUV. Next with diesel units will be the Audi A6 and the new Audi’s A8.

De Nysschen said diesel sales could account for up to 20 percent of Audi’s total sales in the United States by 2015 compared with 5.5 percent today.