US: driver-assistance systems could save thousands of lives annually image

The latest crop of automotive safety systems could be responsible for 10, 000 life saves in the US alone each year, according to research done by the Boston Consulting Group.

Features such as automatic braking and sensors that help a car stay within its intended lane could also deliver financial savings of $251 billion per year if they become widely accessible. According to a statement by the consulting firm, at least 25 percent of every car accident in the US could be prevented if carmakers and new vehicle drivers opted for the advanced driver-assistance systems now offered on a small roster of models. The research did found the features are still more expensive than consumers are willing to shell to have them on their new cars and trucks. “Because the vast majority of crashes in the United States are caused by driver error, the lack of adoption of these technologies within the U.S. fleet is a significant missed opportunity,” commented Xavier Mosquet, North American head of the firm’s automotive practice.

These advanced driver-assist features are also another step towards the end goal – have autonomous vehicles on the roads, which are forecasted to be able to eschew 90 percent of car accidents, added Boston Consulting. Automakers and technology companies are investing billions of dollars into the research and development of such autos amid a drive to reshape world mobility – with the majority of the global populace relocating into megacities within the next couple of decades, self-driving vehicles operating seamlessly could become crucial to the safe and harmonious transport system.

Via Bloomberg