US: drivers admit to perilous behavior image

According to a recent study conducted by Harris in the US shows, according to the poll, that although American drivers admit to increasingly act on what themselves consider to be dangerous driving, the trend is not likely going down.

People in the US, the poll says, consider increasingly dangerous the act of drinking and driving and distracted driving, but just knowing the acts are wrong is a long way from changing their behavior. Actually, 94% of Americans know that driving after three or more alcoholic beverages is definitely dangerous and 68% feel the same about just one or two drinks.

“Despite the vast majority of Americans saying driving after drinking is dangerous, 37% of those who drink alcohol say they’ve driven at a time when they’d likely had too much to drink and three in 10 (30%) agree that they are more likely to get behind the wheel after a few drinks if they only have to drive a short distance,” the poll said.

The same goes for distracted driving habits – like texting or talking to the cell while driving, but again 74% continue to use their cell phone while driving, and another 21% do it on a regular basis. That’s even as 94% and 91% consider sending and reading text message is highly dangerous, while 695 share the same opinion on holding their cell phone while talking – as opposed to only 36% doing it while using a hands-free device.