Location is a key aspect today in many fields – and although you could easily oversee it, you also have to take it into account when you decide to insure your car or truck.

It has such an impact in some places that people contemplating a move to a big city could be deterred from doing so. That’s because – even if people already know that going to a big city would affect negatively their insurance rates – some places can bring rates that can jump as much as 500%.

To help you make an easier choice, here are the top five cities that bring the biggest increases for vehicle owners – and (no surprise here, right?) two of the locations are actually near or in Detroit, the motor capital of the United States.

Coming in fifth place is the decision to move from Chloride, Arizona ($731) to New Orleans, Louisiana ($3,530) – the rate has a spike of 383%. Then we have people leaving Falmouth, Maine ($730) for Bronx, New York, ($3,789) – a 419% jump. When going from Kingman, Arizona ($714) to Dearborn, Michigan ($4,006) you need to consider a 461% increase. Coming up second on the list is Lake Havasu City, Arizona ($711) residents that contemplate a move to Brooklyn, NY ($4,133) – maybe the 481% increase would have them reconsider the plan. The award goes to Bullhead City, Arizona ($702) residents that get enticed by Detroit, Michigan ($4,599) – the allure comes with a 555% increase in the vehicle’s insurance.



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