US: drivers can rejoice, low fuel prices are here to stay image

American motorists dreaded the day they needed to fill their car’s tank to continue their daily commute as prices in some parts of the country were near the $4 per gallon threshold.

But now the good news keep coming. For example, these days Missouri drivers only pay $2.877 a gallon, according to a recent survey. And the research found that another eight US states are now below the $3 level. Estimates say even more motorists will enjoy the lower costs, as the weeks to come should bring a total of 30 states to that mark.

Also, according to the US Energy Information Administration, the agency that monitors the nation’s energy trends, the trend for lower prices should continue. That’s because the politically unsteady international climate has not affected overseas petroleum prices and the government of Saudi Arabia is hinting they won’t take any measures to artificially lift prices for another year.

Regionally, while the fuel price study found Missouri to have the lowest price (at $2.877 a gallon) on a statewide level, other places keep motorists unhappy: Hawaii has the biggest price at an average of $4.128, Alaska is not far away with its average of $3.836 and California is the worst place among the 48 contiguous states – at $3.59.