US: even as recalls mount, the list of safe cars continues to grow image

Customers could do well to purchase a new car, instead of the very old, but cheap used car. That’s because the latter category has a tendency to hide life-threatening flaws.

The auto industry this year has been taken by storm because of the two humongous safety crisis – the GM ignition switch debacle and the Takata airbag inflator issues. There’s one common ground for both – the rising recall numbers (a record of more than 60 million so far) mostly involves older model cars – known now for their tendency to kill the passengers. Meanwhile, the insurance industry’s list of cars and trucks that provide great occupant safety in the event of a crash has surged no less than 82% this year.

According to a report released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the tally of models ranked best when it comes to crash-worthy safety has climbed to 71 entries for 2015 – up from 39 a year ago. The world’s largest automaker – Japan’s Toyota – has the largest number of vehicles on the list, but all automakers did a great job this year, even as the Institute has used harder crash test scenarios to highlight the winners. “Our tests show that the designs of vehicles to protect and even prevent crashes are greatly improving,” comments IIHS President Adrian Lund.

Via Bloomberg