US: Eyes On Design show to emphasize legendary car designers image

The Eyes On Design car show taking place on the grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores on Father’s Day, June 21, will be there to celebrate some of the industry’s most important designers.

The annual event will gather up to 300 vehicles and the Eyes On Design is one of the few classic car shows that revolves around design instead of the vehicles’ collectability or value. That translates into an impressive array of vehicles, much broader than at other venues – including some legendary works that might never be for sale or reach the eye of the public. The theme for this year’s edition – “House Style” – has to do with the in-house designers’ contribution and influence over the years. There’s a wide collection of classes of cars that center around US vehicles – from the Studebaker design era of 1947-1966, when Raymond Loewy was chief designer to GM’s Harley Earl era (1947-1958).

Besides those, among the collectibles that might never be seen in one place ever again there are also themes revolving around European houses, Golden Era Classics (1925-1948), muscle cars or the Collectors’ Circle: The Best from Collectors and Restorers. The show is also a culmination of a weekend of events that attracts design leaders from around the world and will present a Lifetime Design Achievement Award to Patrick le Quement, a former Renault design head. Additionally, in many ways acting as a host for the celebrations over the weekend, Fiat Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles will be the event’s honorary chair.