US: FCA wants to deliver phone alerts and train its dealers to better handle recalls image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the third largest US automaker and the world’s seventh biggest, announced it would retrain its dealers and deliver smartphone alerts after the company has been bashed for mishandling recalls of more than 10 million autos.

This Thursday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to hold a rare public hearing to discuss FCA’s wrongdoings at the Transportation Department in Washington, and a safety regulator’s document shows the company has already started some customer outreach and dealer training. The public hearing was called after the NHTSA started an investigation on FCA US’s practices for recalling more than ten million vehicles. The carmaker has already sent a delegation to Washington last month headed by Scott Kunselman, senior vice president for vehicle safety and regulatory compliance, to assess the changes they were implementing. NHTSA showcased a summary of their meeting ahead of the hearing on its website.

Some of the steps to increase its recall completion level include an updated smartphone app with recall alert functions, more agents to handle consumer phone calls and thorough training at company dealerships to better handle safety campaigns. “We are striving to reform our culture and these measures are consistent with that goal,” commented a spokesperson for the company. The NHTSA has been concerned over the alleged mishandling of 20 separate safety actions that include at least ten million autos. They include repairs linked to fatal airbag flaws pertaining to Japan’s Takata Corp. and the internal recall of Jeep models that are in danger of catching fire when struck from behind.

Via Bloomberg