US: FCA’s vast majority of plants to shun summer vacation image

FCA US, formerly known as the Chrysler Group LLC , as opted out of the traditional summer factory shutdown for at least four of its assembly facilities, all of its engine plants and several other facilities in a bid to catch up to the growing demand for its cars and trucks.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the seventh-largest automaker in the world, has recently announced that four of its assembly facilities and all of its engine factories and some transmission plants will not shut down during the summer so the carmaker can deliver the necessary amount of cars, Sport Utility Vehicles and pickup trucks. The move signals the US auto industry production is still on the rise, with the overall market pledging around 17 million units’ sales for the entire year – a tally that was not seen too often even before the last Great Recession. Additionally, FCA US is also on a roll, since it has hit a record 61 straight months of growth on a year-over-year level. Usually, automakers in the US take some time off at each plant for around two weeks during the summer to upgrade, repair and expand equipment and tooling and also set up the assembly lines for the model year changeovers.

FCA US’s plants that will skip the summer “vacation” are: Jefferson North Assembly Plant; Detroit; Saltillo Van Assembly; Saltillo, Mexico; Toledo Assembly Complex; Toledo; Toluca Assembly; Toluca, Mexico; Kokomo Casting; Kokomo, Indiana; Kokomo Transmission; Kokomo, Indiana; Dundee Engine Plant; Dundee; Mack Avenue Engine; Detroit; Saltillo Engine; Saltillo, Mexico; Saltillo South Engine; Saltillo Mexico; Trenton Engine Complex; Trenton. Another three transmission factories will only cease operations for one week instead of two.