After an April 10 crash between a FedEx truck and a bus led to 10 fatalities, two US safety investigations will join the local law enforcement inquiries.

A FedEx Freight tractor with twin trailers crossed the Interstate 5 median and had a fiery crash into a high school students coach that was on a tour – among the dead are also five students.

Also, three adults accompanying the students and the truck and bus drivers were killed, in the crash that occurred in Orland, California, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Sacramento.

“There are significant issues that the board has in regard to fatigue, in regard to distracted driving, in regard to motor coach safety, in regard to overall highway safety issues,” said Jim Hall, who was NTSB chairman from 1994 to 2001, as the agency sent the “Go-Team” on site. “I certainly would have made a decision, were I still chairman, to send the team to this accident.”

According to a FedEx spokesperson, the cargo hauled by the truck did not cause or contribute to the after-crash blaze, while witnesses told KCBS, a CBS affiliate in San Francisco that the truck was already on fire by the time it hit the 40 plus college bus.

Via Bloomberg


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