The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that General Motors is being currently fined $7, 000 a day because it missed the April 3 deadline to answer questions regarding the ignition switch recall.

NHTSA is currently conducting a probe on why the automaker waited until this February to issue a recall that has so far encompassed 2.6 million cars over a defective ignition switch – although the automaker knew about the problem for over 10 years (there are even sources saying it knew since 2001).

“NHTSA had no objection to GM taking additional time to respond to technical engineering questions, with the understanding that GM would fully respond to the remaining requests by the April 3 deadline. GM failed to do so,” said NHTSA Chief Counsel O. Kevin Vincent.

The fine is now imposed over GM’s failure to answer a set of 107 questions the NHTSA has addressed to the automaker – which in turn flooded the agency with around 271,000 pages of documents.

The models recalled – none of them in production anymore – have been linked so far to at least 13 deaths, because of a ignition switch defect that may cause it to jump from the “run” to “acc” mode, effectively shutting down the engine, which triggers the loss of critical safety systems, including airbags.

Via Reuters


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