US: filling shows Takata’s airbag debacle could reach GM image

Two companies held the headlines this year when it comes to safety concerned recalls: Japan’s Takata and the No. 1 US automaker General Motors.

The troubles of the two groups have been well documented: the latter has reached almost 30 million vehicles with its recall campaigns this year, while Takata has seen millions of cars recalled – some of them twice – because the airbags could explode and send debris and shrapnel inside the cabin.

Among Takata’s many airbag related recalls this year is one that involves just certain parts of the United States – regions with high humidity – with millions of cars from several automakers called back because the airbag inflators could corrode and fail. Now, according to documents filed late last week, the campaign could expand to include GM cars, bringing together the companies responsible for the largest recalls this year.

Automakers affected by the regional recall include Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru. The recall has reached so far around 4.3 million cars, while in the past six years Takata and the automakers have issued campaigns for 16 million units globally.

In a meeting with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigators, the Takata documents, posted online by the agency, showed GM vehicles could be affected as well, besides the nine carmakers already affected.

Via Reuters