US: Fisker plans to revive Karma model in 2015 image

Fisker Automotive Inc., now under Chinese ownership, is putting up a plan to reintroduce its gas-electric hybrid Karma luxury vehicle on US roads by mid-2015.

The news comes straight from the company’s new interim president, which also says that backed by the financial power of its new owner – Chinese auto-parts company Wanxiang – the refreshed Karma would shed all its problems – which ultimately led to the company go bankrupt.

“Wanxiang is not flashy. They bought this company, they paid cash for it, they don’t put any debt on their company and they execute,” says Fisker President Roger Brown. “They didn’t buy the company to export the technology to China. … They bought it because they want to build a great car company.”

Following the return of the Karma hybrid to the dealerships, the company wants to further introduce new models – first up being a station wagon variant called the Surf, that could begin sales in 2016. Then, if successful, the automaker would move to introduce in 2017 a lower cost model in the line-up, called the Atlantic, slotted below the $100,000-plus Karma.

According to Brown, the company also seeks a permanent CEO first, then needs to decide where to establish a new headquarters, see if it will still use the plant it owns in Delaware to make the cars and also hire the 200 plus workforce it needs to develop its projects.