US: Florida is the most likely place to forever lose your luxury car to thieves image

According to a report that was just released by the US National Insurance Crime Bureau, Florida owners of premium and luxury cars should get more insurance on their prized possession – they are the least likely to get their vehicles returned if stolen.

Car thieves usually target cars that are easy to drive off in a couple of minutes and don’t attract too much attention on themselves. Older Accords or F-150s (for example) are among the best potential targets. They can be easily driven around without drawing attention and then taken to underground chop shops to be sold as spare parts.

Still, there are thieves (you might recall the Gone in 60 seconds movies – the original, not the Angelina Jolie remake) who target luxury cars. And at least 25% of luxury vehicles stolen between 2010 and 2013 in Florida were never returned to the owner. That’s above the 17% nationwide average of cars that never get returned. While luxury cars also get the chop shop treatment, Florida is also a target because of easy access to ports that facilitates overseas “shady” exports.

“Florida is surrounded by water and surrounded by ports,” says Jason Mayberry, a Tampa-based trial lawyer, adding that luxury models can also be easily loaded on cargo boats and shipped in other countries intact. While the activity is well structured, grand theft auto cases across the US have spiraled down for the period, with the NICB saying more than 700,000 cars and trucks were stolen in the period – down 50% from the mid-1990s.

Via Bloomberg