US: Ford aids Blackberry’s rise image

The reported move from Ford to switch the software for its Sync entertainment system from Microsoft’s Windows to Blackberry’s QNX has triggered a surge in the Canadian company’s shares, which has been having quite a bit of trouble lately.

Among the three companies involved, Blackberry had the biggest change, rising 7.6 %, the most since January 22nd, while Ford was almost unchanged at $15.18 and Microsoft fell less than 1 % to $37.69.

“QNX is a well-known, understood OS. It’s proven,” said Matthew Stover, an analyst at Guggenheim Partners in Boston.

“This is really the crown jewel in BlackBerry’s crown and could make the rest of the company shine as well,” said Thilo Koslowski, auto analyst for researcher Gartner Inc. in Santa Clara, California.

While spokespersons for Ford and Microsoft declined to comment on the matter, Paul Leroux, a QNX spokesman said BlackBerry is already present in Ford cars, with the Canadian company one of the technology and engineering suppliers of the No.2 US automakers.

Via Bloomberg