US: Ford executive forecasts sales topping 17 million units in 2015 image

Ford Motor Co.’s president of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs, forecasts that the great run enjoyed by the US auto industry would continue to expand into the following year, when deliveries could reach a 14 year high.

The second biggest US carmaker also said it would hire 1,200 workers at its van and truck plant close to Kansas City, bringing the total of new hires above a 14,000 persons pledge made back in 2011.

“We are forecasting next year it can be over 17 million and we’re preparing for that,” Hinrichs was quoted saying in an interview on CNBC. “Some think it could be close to 18 million,” which would mark a new record.

“We will confirm our views on the industry and Ford’s outlook on Monday during our Investor Day presentation,” said Karl Henkel, a Ford spokesman, on the other hand.

The peak figure for the US auto sales was achieved back in 2000 – with deliveries of 17.4 million units. The last time sales were above the 17 million threshold was a year later, in 2001. According to data from the Federal Reserve, in July the US production of cars and light trucks jumped 13.2% to an annualized rate of 12.85 million autos. The seasonally adjusted rate of sales in August was of 17.5 million units, a pace last achieved back in January 2006.

Via Bloomberg