US: Ford exports from the country up 50% since 2009 image

The second biggest US automaker, Ford, has announced that its US exports have risen by as much as 50% since 2009, while the overall auto-industry sales had reached a 27-year low.

According to Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas, the Detroit automaker is also the nation’s largest exporter of vehicles, while also stating in prepared comments for a speech he will make during the Chicago Auto Show that Ford needs good quality trade partnerships to maintain that output.

“One of the big questions that manufacturers are trying to answer right now is whether growth can be sustained both in the US and in China as these two key markets begin to look more alike,” Hinrichs said. “What do we need to change if the US and China are going to avoid repeating the sins of previous growth cycles — when overcapacity and the loss of cost competitiveness doomed the automotive industry to long down cycles?”

As the difference in labor, material and energy costs gets smaller between US and China, automakers, including Ford, need to adapt quickly, Hinrichs added. That is although Ford shipped north of 370,000 cars out of the US in 2013, with more than 30,000 Edge and Explorer SUVs manufactured in North America sold to clients from China.

Via Bloomberg