US: Ford F-650/750 to deliver unrestricted truck power image

The company, which makes the No.1 US pick-up truck, the F-150, also has its line of medium-duty trucks, the new F-650 and F-750 and says that if the models are equipped with the Power Stroke engine, there are no power restrictions.

The company’s refreshed 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel is set to come with unlimited power ratings and in three choices – 270 hp and 675 pound-feet (915 Nm) of torque, 300 hp and 700 pound-feet (950 Nm) and the highest rated version at 330 hp and 725 pound-feet (980 Nm).

“While other medium-duty truck manufacturers restrict top horsepower and torque ratings to certain applications, such as emergency services, the all-new F-650 and F-750 will arrive with no vocational restrictions,” said John Ruppert, general manager of Ford’s commercial vehicle sales and marketing.

Just like the iconic F-150 pick-up truck is undergoing a model changeover for 2015, so are all of Ford’s medium-duty commercial trucks, which alongside the shift from E-Series vans to the new Transit are part of the biggest product rollover in Ford’s history.

The newly refreshed F series commercial trucks would also change assembly from the previous Escobedo, Mexico location – where they were made through a joint venture with Navistar International – to the new US location of Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake, near Cleveland.