US: Ford faces lawsuit over hybrid vehicles patents image

A Baltimore technology company that also wan a patent-infringement action against Toyota’s Prius, has decided to also sue Ford for allegedly developing hybrids with patents from them.

Paice LLC, the lawsuit plaintiff, accused hybrid and plug-in versions of Ford’s C-Max, Fusion and Lincoln’s MKZ infringe patents of the company – mainly those that deal with electric motors and internal combustion engines control.

Although Ford licensed one patent from the company in 2010 and for the current dispute the two agreed to hold litigations over the patents until the start of this year, the negotiations were, according to Paice, “short and one-sided.”

“The truth is that Ford built its new hybrid system by relying heavily on the hybrid vehicle inventions it learned from Paice,” the company said in the suit, filed in federal court in Baltimore.

Paice was created by Alex Severinsky, a Soviet emigrant and engineer, who started the company to capitalize on his work on a high-voltage way to power gas-electric hybrids. Between 1999 and 2004 he and his company’s officials had closely worked with Ford to aid in the US automaker’s aim to develop its hybrid powertrains, stated the complaint.

Via Bloomberg