US: Ford files trademark application for “Ecobeast” image

The second largest US automaker has been unanimously praised for its “Ecoboost” series of gasoline engines, some of them, such as the 1-liter powerplant being awarded numerous distinctions in recent years.

But the latest piece of news will most certainly have nothing to do with the little engine that could, even though it was praised numerous times during the Engine of the Year awards. That’s because Ford has issued two application fillings to patent the moniker “Ecobeast” as a trademark, judging from data found on the database of the US Patent and Trademark Office. The first registrations is quite old and is dated February 26 and has to do solely with the term to be used with automobile-related graphics, decals and bumper stickers. The second one, which gives us many more clues to the nature of the new moniker, has been filed on December 22 and specifically says the company intends to use it for automobiles and auto engines.

Speculation from these bits of information can now go off the chart, but while Ford’s name has been used for “monster trucks” on numerous occasions, we’re betting the ramifications of the new trademark should be a little more down to Earth. That’s because most likely the “Ecobeast” moniker has to do with high-performance versions of the more mundane Ecoboost engines to be used by the recently established Ford Performance division.

Via Automotive News