US: Ford report says electric vehicle drivers don’t switch back to gasoline image

According to a recent survey commissioned by Ford, the second largest US automaker, most of the electric vehicle owners will not go back to purchasing a traditional, internal combustion engine-equipped vehicle.

No less than 92 percent of motorists using battery electric vehicles (BEV) will buy another electric ride when it’s time to upgrade, with the report adding the percentage of PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) owners is even better – at 94 percent. According to Ford, the survey gathered information from 10,000 electric vehicle drivers. Most of the 92 percent of BEV motorists who said they would buy another green vehicle remained at battery electric vehicles, while PHEV owners were more inclined to jump to BEVs for their next new vehicle acquisition. Ford cited as reasons for the fidelity among others the “instant power” as well as “an appreciation of clean technology.” On the other hand, the households typically tended to have a second car – which overwhelmingly was a traditional gas-engine vehicle, the report added. The second vehicle was the one that handled longer trips.

Still, the report missed the mark – BEV and PHEV sales have gone down this year. That’s because across the booming US auto market the gasoline prices have remained consistently lower than during the same period of last year and consumers have flocked to the latest crop of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks – especially since the automakers have made them ever more fuel-efficient. The electric vehicle market also represents a fraction of the overall auto sales and its market share is not seen as improving by most analysts and industry experts in the short term.

Via Forbes