US: Ford showcases new Police Interceptors as hometown stars at Chicago Auto Show image

The second largest US automaker is using the hometown advantage for the premiere of the refreshed 2016 Police Interceptor utility vehicle and sedan, displaying them at the Chicago Auto Show.

The two modified models, together with the Ford Explorer and Taurus on which they are based, are being built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant. The duo of crime-fighting cars have received both new looks and updated features for the summer – with front and back redesigns, new headlamps and instrument panel and an upgraded electrical system to cope with the vehicle’s numerous extra equipment. They also added the Surveillance Mode technology – it can detect if someone is coming towards the vehicle from behind, with doors locked and windows raised automatically and a rear camera (fitted with a washer) that sends images to the rearview mirror. “Our Police Interceptor Utility is the best-selling police vehicle in America because we have a unique relationship with our customers,” comments Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford North American marketing manager for Police Vehicles.

The vehicles have been modified after consulting with Ford’s Police Advisory Board of 25 law enforcement professionals that acts as a pilot group for new products, programs and services. Ford has been selling a Police Interceptor sedan for decades, with the Crown Victoria as the basis until it was decommissioned and now replaced by the Taurus. On the other hand, a utility model was not introduced until 2012 in the company’s enforcement fleet – but the model proved so successful that Ford now says the UTE has 55% of the US law enforcement market.