US: Ford to launch pilot program for adults with autism image

At the beginning of June, Ford Motor Co. plans to launch a pilot program that targets hiring adults with the autism syndrome. In a statement, the company said that it will create five positions in product development that will fit the skills and abilities of workers with autism.

The program named FordInclusiveWorks was produced together with the Autism Alliance of Michighan, a non-profit founded by Dave Meador, chief administrative officer at DTE Energy Co. in Detroit. The alliance will offer funds for the training program connected to possible future employees. The evaluation and verification test lab at Ford will also be a part of the program. It will offer workers log and prep tires for test cars.

Ford stated that “The work is highly structured, requires a great deal of focus, and calls for a high level of attention to detail and organization. Skills required to complete this task safely and with a high level of quality lend themselves to strengths typically associated with individuals with autism.”

The purpose of the program is to decrease the unemployment rate encountered among people with autism, that in the U.S. is at the moment between 75% and 90%.

Felicia Fields, Ford group’s vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services, stated that “Individuals with autism bring a unique set of talents to our business. We recognize that having a diverse and inclusive workforce allows us to leverage a wider range of innovative ideas to make our customers’ lives better.”

The American carmaker said that it would evaluate the performance of its five new employees after a certain amount of time and possibly offer them a full-time job.