US: Ford’s Police Interceptor now even tougher, with Type IV ballistic protection [video] image

The second largest US automaker is well known for its Police editions of renown models, and the company has now said it would increase the level of ballistic protection on the Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility vehicles.

As always, these vehicles have not only been designed to catch “bad guys” but to also keep police officers safe – and this last prerequisite is being enhanced now thanks to the factory-equipped vehicles who are now the first “pursuit-rated” police vehicles in the United States to carry ballistic protection up to Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice standard Type IV. In plain words, the level of protection is good enough for the panels to withstand shots coming from a wide array of different rounds including .30 caliber armor-piercing bullets. Ford says the number of shootouts that need protection from high-powered, armor-piercing rifle ammunition is currently low but in fact they are also unfortunately becoming increasingly common. And the automaker also says the increased level of ballistic protection is one of the main requests coming from police officers.

The Type IV ballistic protection will be offered as an optional extra on both Police Interceptor vehicles. There are no details regarding pricing just yet but of course the automaker said the Type IV panels will be positioned “above and beyond” the Type III panels which are already available. The latter are designed to offer protection against all handgun and non-armor piercing rounds up to .30 caliber as well as “special threat rounds” identified by the Los Angeles Police Department.