US: Ford’s Super Duty line could go down the aluminum road as well image

The aluminum intensive 2015 Ford F-150 has grabbed the complete attention of the auto industry with its revolutionary switch away from steel construction, but in the US its larger siblings also enjoy a healthy base of followers.

So, the heavy-duty brethren, such as the F-250 and F-350 or larger trucks enjoy their own cult following – albeit not as large as the light-duty F-150, but nevertheless appeal to buyers who have even tougher demands. Their own replacements are now getting ready to take the spotlight, even if their replacements are a little longer in the making. The latest details surrounding the Super Duty range is the tougher models would also go down the road of the F-150, with aluminum intensive bodies when they hit the showrooms as 2016 model year models. The big boys from Ford have been carefully camouflaged as far as prototypes go, which is usually a pretty good indicative that key changes should be expected in the design department. Besides the aluminum-driven weight loss, the design changes are also painting the picture of a sleeker body, with better aerodynamic credentials that would allow them to gain some crucial improvements in the fuel economy department.

So far rumors have not detailed the amount of aluminum used on the larger F-Series models, but all the reports and rumors so far point out to a massive shift towards the lightweight metal – used by Ford to up the mileage quota, but also deliver incremental increases in the cargo and towing departments.