US: fuel cell cars could become a viable option image

While usually only California is the driver behind alternative powertrain options in the US, soon fuel cell cars could become a nationwide asset as hydrogen fueled cars might be the eco vehicles that battery electrics never were.

Taking out of the regional discussion and into the general, nationwide conversation about the future of clean transportation could be adamant for the technology’s wide acceptance and implementation. For example, during the Los Angeles Auto Show, battery electric vehicles and hybrids, once the dominant factor when it comes to California’s clean-energy car gossip, were put behind by all the announcements of new fuel cell concepts and investments in hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Automakers might finally see the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a true alternative to traditionally powered cars, after battery-powered electrics failed to make the expected impact on the general population.

Honda and Toyota, pioneers of fuel cell vehicle development, are both investing into a plan to construct more fueling stations in California. Volkswagen also said it’s ready to bring a range of hydrogen-powered cars to the US market as the infrastructure develops. Toyota is also the first automaker to bring a mass-market, production-ready fuel cell car, the Mirai, to the US. Other carmakers across the globe already have tests or small-scale leasing programs, but the Japanese giant is the first to acknowledge retail sales.

Via Automotive News