US: full size pick-up truck battle heats up image

While the perennial No.1 – Ford’s F-150 kept its strong sales position even though it’s soon to be replaced, the surprise came from Chrysler’s Ram 1500, which snatched second place from the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in March.

The Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup truck actually lost its second place in the segment for the first time since 1978 – as last month Ram delivered 42,532 units to Chevy’s 42,247. With many blaming the conservative design of the Silverado – opposed to Ram’s redesign, the trend could also be going in the latter’s favor, as clients could move away from GM because of the ignition switch recall scandal.

For the first quarter though, Chevy’s model stands firmly in second place – 107,757 Silverado 1500 units were delivered, as opposed to Ram 1500’s 96,906 sales. The trend is negative though, as sales for the Chevy went down 7.6% during the quarter and the Ram truck surged 24.9%.

On the other hand, with only a modest increase of 2.7%, Ford’s F-150 is still first, totaling 173,358 F-Series sales in the first quarter, which is almost twice what Toyota, Nissan and Honda pick-ups (both full and midsize) delivered. The best Asian contender for the quarter was Toyota Tacoma, with 35,229 vehicles sold.