US: gasoline to diesel price difference throws away fuel economy gains image

While traditionally America has been the land of gasoline roaming cars, the recent years headwinds have triggered a change in the buying habits of efficiency-minded drivers.

And because many motorists started to understand the advantages brought by diesel-powered cars, automakers rallied behind the trend and offer more choices – but the recent price drops in gasoline seem to offset some of the mathematical calculations that favored diesel cars and trucks. Usually priced at a premium over gasoline, the difference today seems insurmountable – the gap has now climbed to around 80 cents per gallon as of last week, the largest since 2008, according to figures coming from the US Energy Information Administration.

Diesel prices in the US have fallen too, but they didn’t plummet like gasoline and buyers of diesel powertrains need to also worry about the upfront premium over a comparable gasoline model. The dynamic between gasoline and diesel buyers is also more important to European brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, after the carmakers have invested billions in making diesel-powered cars part of their core lineup strategy. Analysts also point out to the fact that diesel-shoppers are attracted not just by the better mileage prospect, but also reason to attributes such as higher torque, longer driving range on a tank and, when it comes to pickup trucks, better towing prowess.

Via Automotive News