Recently, the state of Nevada and Daimler Trucks North America announced the introduction of the first license plate for an autonomous semi truck that would be tested on the public roads across the state.

So far, with sporadic news coming from the Mercedes-Benz brand and its driverless truck that undergoes trials in Europe, almost all news surrounding self-driving vehicles has been focused on cars. But before the public will fully embrace the autonomous vehicle that would one day allow us to shun the ubiquitous driving license, commercial transportation could massively benefit from the advent of driverless trucks. The German-owned US subsidiary said it was granted the first ever license for an autonomous truck to be tested on Nevada’s public roads – with the moment also bringing the official debut of the Freightliner Inspiration Truck. Even Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was hooked on a joyride and the truck autonomously passed the Hoover Dam.

In terms of autonomous cars, they make sense in numerous directions, the most important being their forecasted power to curb traffic accidents and even traffic jams. On the other hand, commercial truck applications have the same massive implication on the financial level – their ability to lift businesses. Daimler says that in the US alone trucks were accountable for 70 percent of total freight and the industry is expected to triple in dimensions by 2050. And with truck drivers relived of driving duties, they could become entirely productive – handling all sorts of other duties, from logistics to maintenance issues.

Via Forbes


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