US: GM Foundation makes $1 million donation in honor of former CEO image

Because retired GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson and his wife Karin, who now battles cancer, were both known major benefactors to nonprofit organizations, the GM Foundation is now donating $1 million among three such Detroit organizations in their honor.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity Detroit and the Coalition On Temporary Shelter have all been today presented with big checks – the first will get $500,000, the second, which renovates and builds new homes in the city will get $400,000 and the last one will get $100,000.

“Although not natives of Detroit, Dan and Karin Akerson were incredibly moved by the people and circumstances they encountered in the city,” GM spokesman Selim Bingol said in a statement. “They changed many lives through their significant personal donations, and we wanted to honor their commitment through these grants.”

Dan Akerson went into GM’s board in 2009 and became its CEO in 2010 and later also the chairman, has retired, giving the reins to the first female CEO of the industry – Mary Barra, because of his need to help and care for Karin, his wife, diagnosed with a late-stage cancer.