US: GM ignition switch fund finds another three minor injuries image

General Motors’s deadly ignition switch debacle has been tied to another three minor injuries, said the office of attorney Kenneth Feinberg recently.

The largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world last year announced a 2.6 million autos recall early last year, a safety campaign that quickly escalated into a major scandal once the company was found to have known about the deadly defect for more than a decade. The carmaker established quickly an ignition switch fund designed to compensate victims, run by outside attorney Feinberg, which had experience, having previously been implicated with the funds for the 9/11 terror attacks and 2010 BP oil spill victims. The switches at the heart of the issue could jump out of the “run” position, cutting power to the engine and to crucial safety systems, including the airbags. The ignition switch compensation fund has found the defective part was responsible for 124 fatalities, even though the automaker only acknowledged 13 deaths, initially.

GM has already set aside $550 million to pay the victims, with fatality claims eligible for a one million dollars payout, with 300,000 each for the surviving spouse and any dependants. The attorney’s office has almost completed the entire review of at least 4,000 compensation claims, with 285 “deficient” claims, which lack some sort of documentation, still under review – the three new minor injury claims were sourced from those remaining claims. For the remaining claims, the final deadline for submitting the proper documentation is July 31. The defect has been linked so far to 124 fatality cases, 18 serious injuries and a total of 251 minor injuries.

Via Automotive News