US: GM ignition switch lawsuits begin discovery procedures image

Some of the numerous cases filed against General Motors have been approved to start discovery – which means plaintiffs and their lawyers can request documents to the company in relation to the cases.

The cases are all related to the GM recalls that cover issues with defective ignition switches, with a federal judge from New York allowing some of them to start the discovery procedure. The plaintiffs were allowed by US District Judge Jesse Furman in the Southern District of New York to ask the automaker for any related documents in relation to the accidents, injuries and lost vehicle value stemming from the way the company handled the issue after it emerged from bankruptcy back in 2009.

So far, besides the original 2.6 million cars recalled for a potentially fatal defective ignition switch, the company issued campaigns for a total of almost 15 million vehicles. So far, more than 100 lawsuits claim the company’s mishandling of the ignition switch issue caused them to lose value on their cars, while hundreds of claims have been so far initiated for people that were injured or killed in related accidents.

Setting aside the claims and lawsuits that involve injuries or deaths, General Motors asked the same bankruptcy judge that guided the company through its 2008-2009 process to rule in favor of dismissing the cases that refer to the period before the bankruptcy. But, the judge is not expected to rule on that claim until 2015 and the cases that involve post-bankruptcy claims have now been pushed forward.

Via Reuters