US: GM prices its car wireless service image

A new technology threshold is soon to be achieved by General Motors, which will soon offer its car buyers the option of connecting – for a charge – wirelessly to car hotspots, allowing them to surf the web from the laptop, tablet or smartphone.

According to the No.1 US automaker, which recently signed an agreement that would bring AT&T Internet packages for 4G LTE connection through its OnStar service, now more than 30 of its 2015 models can be subscribed for as low as $5 per month.

Besides subscribing to the OnStar service, which is designed to cater for safety and security services, customers can also get internet packs from $10 per month for 200 Mb of data to $50 per month for five Gb.

“Our customers will also have easy-to-understand data plans to let them tailor a connected car around each owner’s lifestyle,” said Mary Chan, OnStar president.

“What I’m curious to see is who ends up actually purchasing the service?” Morningstar analyst David Whiston said. “I would think the biggest consumer of this would be families who would want to download movies in the backseats for kids. Will the consumer think that’s a better deal than relying on their phone’s data plan?”

While GM is the first automaker to build into its majority of models high-speed Internet capabilities, the company’s Chevrolet AppShop, developed to allow a greater selection of apps for their car’s infotainment systems, has been announced to be postponed from the 2015 model year vehicles to at least 2016 model year cars.