US: GM Tech Center workers return after flood image

The raindrops and subsequent flooding on August 11 heavily damaged the automaker’s Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. Now, General Motors said the remaining 2, 500 employees that were displaced are returning to their usual workplace on Monday.

The Detroit-based company announced late Sunday its restorations of the Design Center, Design East studios, Engineering Center and Research and Development buildings in Warren are done and they will be open today to receive their workers. The buildings housed the remaining 2,500 employees and contractors, with the full 19,000 workforce accountable on site on Monday.

General Motors had to close down many of its Tech Enter buildings because the heavy floods affected the complex – basements of the buildings in the campus were filled and so were many of the tunnels that connected the facilities. The company said that after closing down the center on August 12 there were numerous teams that worked around the clock to pump out the water and repair the damage, which also affected several computer systems. As restorations were complete, workers returned on site within that week or last week.

Most of the affected employees took their work wit them and did it from other GM sites or at home, but others were on temporary leave. That was the case with 200 UAW Local 160 members that were tasked with design fabrication work on prototype vehicles in the Design Center or worked for the Research and Development center.