General Motors, the largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world has announced a plan to upgrade, expand and renovate its six-decades-old technical center in Warren, Michigan.

The company also said the investment plan would bring around 2,600 new jobs to the campus, including core units such as product engineering, information technology and design. Another few thousand jobs would also be secured through the new growth strategy. The Technical Center is a sprawling campus that houses around 19,000 employees today and has been at the forefront of General Motors’ engineering duties since it was opened back in 1956. Located just north of Detroit in a 710-acre compound, the Tech Center has no less than 38 buildings, 38.3 acres of lakes and pools and 174 acres of parking space. “I am very excited about the investment in the GM Tech Center in Warren, which means more jobs and new revenue for police and fire services,” commented Warren’s Mayor Jim Fouts.

The renovation, upgrade and expansion project is scheduled to commence this month and the US automaker said it would not be finished until 2018. The campus recently took a heavy hitting after the latest major storm and flood last year, which damaged numerous buildings and forced the company to move some of the employees to other locations or allow them to work from their homes. The renovation and expansion will include new design studios, a new parking deck for design staff, a multi-story IT center next to the current information center and new testing area for the Advanced Energy Center.

Via Reuters


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