US: GM’s tech center employees could return before the week’s end image

General Motors’ Tech Center in Warren, Michigan, closed early Tuesday last week after heavy rains flooded the Metro Detroit area. Now, the automaker hopes all of its 19,000 employees and contract workers would be back to work by the week’s end.

Yesterday, the carmaker announced it was able to reopen another building at the complex, but the work was not yet done, as an executive last week commented that the Tech Center was hit by serious problems and took “a lot of damage” after the heavy downpour on Monday.

“We continue to focus on safety in both the restoration process and with our returning Tech Center residents, and expect all team members will be able to return to work by Friday,” said GM spokeswoman Katie McBride.

Following the rain, water entered the basements in several of the historic sites at the Tech Center, as well as cutting power, damaging servers and other computer equipment in other buildings. The newly finished $130 million information technology data center on location escaped any damage. Also, the GM spokesperson said the company was not aware of any damage produced to its historic or future vehicles housed by the Tech Center. As of Monday, 15,500 employees returned to work in Warren, with the remaining 3,500 expected back by Friday.