Google Inc, the technology giant that has started to exert itself as a future contender on the upcoming driverless car market believes that putting an autonomous vehicle on the streets would be viable in just half a decade.

When it comes to the US – initially the primary market for such technologically advanced machineries, the technology company says that weather conditions might affect the deployment of such vehicles. Mainly, Google wants to skimp on offering its future self-driving car in areas where snowfalls are common, according to Chris Urmson, director of Google’s self-driving car program. Speaking in Detroit during the annual Automotive News World Congress conference, an event featured in conjunction with the 2015 edition of the North American International Auto Show, Urmson added that the company believes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration won’t impede the development of such projects.

Urmson added that Google’s own outlook for the introduction of a fully driverless car on public roads is of around five years and according to an agency spokesperson, the NHTSA “will have the appropriate policies and regulations in place to ensure the safety of these types of vehicles.” Google and numerous automakers are in conjunction with government regulators as they seek to introduce safer and more efficient mobility. The Mountain View, California-based company’s vision for now includes a pilot program in its home state that would employ around 100 cars very similar to the egg-shaped prototypes showed already. The cars lacked a steering wheel or pedals, offered seating for two and had a top speed of 25 miles (40 kilometers) per hour.

Via Bloomberg


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