US: Google Glass banned from driving use image

The device that looks like a pair of glasses, but brings augmented reality features to the user, still in the experimental stage, is being banned in several US states – limiting its use while driving.

Gary Howell, a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, has introduced a bill that would see drivers banned from using the device while driving – a stint mirrored already in at least five other states.

“When you’re rolling down the road in a ton-and-a-half of metal at 65 miles per hour, you can do some serious damage,” said Howell.

“These ban bills could limit the marketability of Google Glass,” said Richard Bennett, a visiting scholar at the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute who co-invented Wi-Fi. “Driving is certainly one of the premier applications for Glass.”

Google has been investing in the device heavily, as it sees in the future people using such wireless devices rather than a personal camera, smartphone or even more traditional computers like laptops.

While some early research and lobbyists hired by Google say that Google Glass is less distracting than, say, smartphones and could actually improve safety with apps that would aid drivers allow hazards on the road, the legislators fear this could be the next big dangerous device.

Via Bloomberg