US Government Names BMW the Second Largest Green Power Partner image

The US Government named the BMW Group the second largest green power partner.

BMW has in Europe, the US, China, India and South Africa plants which manufacture the “ultimate driving machines.” Recently the German automaker began working on changing its plants to make them more environmentally friendly. BMW’s US plant, which is situated in South Carolina at Spartanburg, covers an area of 4-million square feet (372,000 square meters). To reduce energy consumption at such a big plant, BMW began in 2010 an ambitious project aimed at using only sustainable energy sources for the entire facility.

BMW Manufacturing recently announced they have managed to successfully complete the expansion of the German automaker’s hydrogen fuel-cell material handling equipment from its Spartanburg facility.

“BMW continues to complement its sustainable production model by adding alternative, efficient technology, said Josef Kerscher, President of BMW Manufacturing. “Successful implementation, and ultimately expansion, of our hydrogen fuel cell material handling fleet has provided a sustainable energy source that exceeds our expectations.”

BMW estimated that the new expanded system will reduce energy consumption by 4.1 million Kw/h annually, an increase form the previous 1.8 million kw/h annually for the initial fuel cell system. Recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency named BMW Manufacturing the second largest Green Power Partner.