US: government vehicles can be fixed with remade auto parts image

A House panel recently approved new legislation that would regulate the idea of shedding at least part of federal vehicle repair costs that reach almost one billion dollars each year by allowing the use of remade auto parts.

Remanufactured automotive parts received approval from the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, with the legislation now ready to be discussed by the entire House after the Senate already passed a similar procedure back in June. “I am happy to see this legislation pass out of committee with strong bipartisan support, ” said third-term Republican congressman Bill Huizenga from Zeeland. “I look forward to the House taking up this common-sense, ‘Made in Michigan’ solution that Senator Peters and I have put forward to reduce government spending and create jobs in Michigan.” Peters was the senator that supported the bill in June. Remanufactured parts can be returned to same-as-new condition and usually cost less than new parts.

The panel also took the time to give the OK to another legislation proposal which seeks to modify how the government spends money and eliminate obsolete programs by compelling federal agencies to provide basic details on what they do and how much a program costs.