US: GTA happens in real life – kidnapped Dodge salesman escapes with a vengeance image

This is not taken straight from the latest installment of the GTA franchise or some Hollywood action flick – it actually happened in real life.

An unsuspecting car salesman at Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership in Houston, Texas was out on a seemingly uneventful customer test drive when he was kidnapped, stuffed in the trunk but managed to escape and fight back. This odd story involves Jose Martinez, the sales person, who went out on Monday for a customer test drive in a Dodge Challenger – he was involved in an altercation with the potential client and the latter managed to overpower the car salesman, throwing him in the trunk of the car, assisted by two other persons who were following the Challenger. But the suspects didn’t prove too clever or maybe the car salesman just knew his job well – while the vehicle was still in motion he used the emergency trunk release. You might think he would flee the scene in horror.

Well, it’s actually the other way around: the suspect stopped and held the salesman at gun point. But the latter fought back, knocked the gun out of his hand and shot him, according to Houston police spokesman, Victor Senties. The injured suspect and his accomplices fled the scene in a silver four-door sedan, while the third suspect still managed to flee the scene in the Challenger. But wait, there’s more: Martinez had intentionally left his iPhone inside the vehicle and police tracked it – finding it abandoned after the suspect hit a postal truck. Unfortunately, all three suspects are still at large for now, but the hero salesman only suffered minor injuries.