US: Guidelines for driverless vehicles to come next month image

The US NHTSA has committed to offer clear regulatory laws for self-driving cars and such guidelines will be released in July.

All the major automakers involved in the self-driving race have been urging the US regulators to offer proper laws so that the development of autonomous technologies can advance further. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been working intensely on more flexible guidelines, which, according to the agency’s head Mark Rosekind promise, will be released next month. The new directions will focus on areas such as deployment and use of autonomous vehicles, uniform regulations throughout all the states and more specific exemptions rules. Considering the fast progress pace, the government will finally be forced to make a distinct division within NHTSA to oversee autonomous vehicles, Rosekind said.

So far, many US states have made their own regulations for driverless tests. California, as an example, does not want to allow vehicles that don’t have a licensed driver and human controls to go out on the state’s streets. By contrast, Michigan plans to make the state the first US one that would give automakers full freedom over their self-driving projects by proposing a legislation aiming to allow companies to fully test, produce and sell such cars here.

There are also automakers that do not want to rush in. General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra said last week she believed self-driving vehicles should keep steering wheels and pedals as the technology develops as “a very good way to demonstrate and prove the safety.”

The Detroit News